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Intended to protect the user from exposure to microbes through mucus-filled regions of nostrils, mouth and eyes


We are a group of students based in Coimbatore, due to the lockdown we have our hands tied up. We need the support and participation of manufacturers, enterprises, DIY enthusiasts, innovators, NGOs , Makers Community to take up this project. Please check our Facebook page for updates. Feel free to contact us anytime at +91 8220433983

Print and Visual Media are welcome and their support is very crucial for this project.


Mission of the project

To design and mass manufacture, open for all barrier mask that can help isolate the wearer from external airborne particles

Design Goals

Goal 1

A device that completely covers your eyes, nose and mouth

Goal 2

To have it open for all who need it.

Goal 3

To manufacture it in the cheapest and easiest possible way

Goal 4

Easy to be done anyone

Core Design Features

  • Excellent Seal: Provides a complete seal to outside air penetration.

  • Integrated Eye Protection: Prevents infection and contamination through the eye

  • Reusable Mask: Can be used any number of times

  • Excellent Personal Comfort: Designed

  • Negligible Cost : Costs a fraction of any comparable product

  • Easy to Manufacture : DIY friendly and vacuum formable

  • Disinfectable: Capable of being disinfected between uses.

  • Replaceable Filter - Filter can be replaced without touching intricate portions

  • Novel Filter Insert design : Replaceable filter insert that allows a wide variety of filter material to be used.

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The only cheapest and complete solution

With open-source development it gets designed faster and better, and is made accessible to the common man.


Contact to get more information on the project

Further resources can be found at our Facebook page